Factors to consider – The aspects that catch us by surprise

It is not uncommon for cofounders to have a great relationship, until a previously ignored factor changes everything. Suddenly, the entire partnership dynamic has to be reconsidered and reformulated. It is important to think ahead and prepare yourself and your partnership for these eventualities, so that you don’t have to make decisions when emotions are high.
Here is a story about two cofounders who did not think religion might affect the partnership, and how they had to adapt to a new situation and overcome difficulties when faced with the reality of what that meant.

Mark, a tech entrepreneur from the United States, learned a valuable lesson about the importance of addressing sensitive topics. Contrary to popular belief, he realized that discussing religion or politics should not be off-limits. Mark and Ali met at a hackathon, working on separate projects for a local telecom company. Although they didn’t win, they bonded over their ideas and discovered one concept with great potential. While the initial spark came from Mark, Ali’s contributions helped shape it into what it is today.

It’s never too early to figure out what might influence your business down the line, and try to get ahead of any curveball that life might throw at you.

Over the following months, Mark and Ali communicated regularly about their venture. They covered various important topics, but one crucial aspect slipped through the cracks—religion. Mark, who wasn’t religious, remained unaware of Ali’s identification as a “lightly practicing” Seventh-day Adventist. However, complications arose when his relationship with a church member turned serious and Ali’s faith deepened. To honor their faith, Ali wanted to observe the Sabbath and avoid work during that period. This clashed with their company’s Monday-to-Friday schedule, particularly during critical project deadlines. Ali knew he had to discuss this issue with Mark and find a compromise to preserve their partnership.

In an open conversation, Ali shared his religious dilemma with Mark, who was initially surprised but recognized its significance. They collaborated on establishing a protocol to accommodate Ali’s needs and informed their team about it. Ali expressed gratitude for Mark’s understanding and willingness to work together, acknowledging that Mark could have reacted negatively. Mark also recognized the potential consequences of neglecting such issues early on, acknowledging the delicate nature of partnerships.

Our inner voice often alerts us to potential concerns and warning signs, whether through passing comments or subtle behavioral changes. It’s crucial to take these inclinations seriously when considering a long-term business partner. Weighing the pros and cons and trusting our instincts is essential. If necessary, it’s never too late to step away. However, it’s important to remember that nobody is perfect, and everyone has their quirks and issues. Evaluating situations with fairness, asking the right questions in advance, and documenting decisions can help prepare for the challenges that arise on the entrepreneurial journey. Transparency, trust, communication, and honesty are the foundation of a strong business relationship. Initiating open discussions early on fosters a solid and transparent partnership.

What are your factors to consider? What are your cofounder’s? It’s never too early to figure out what might influence your business down the line, and try to get ahead of any curveball that life might throw at you. By recognizing the significance of Ali’s religious needs and engaging in an open conversation, Mark demonstrated understanding and a willingness to find a compromise. The experience taught them both the importance of considering potential concerns and warning signs, as well as the value of evaluating partnerships with fairness and asking the right questions. Ultimately, establishing a solid and transparent foundation based on trust and communication is essential for overcoming obstacles and fostering a successful cofounder relationship.

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