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A Harvard study reveals that 65% of business partnerships dissolve because of conflicts among founders. This presents a risk not only to the founders but also to investors and VCs. Today’s savvy investors are aware of these potential pitfalls and actively work to safeguard their stakes. We hold the view that an investor who supports the well-being of the cofounder relationship offers a distinct benefit to the Limited Partners (LPs) who place their confidence in their firm, demonstrating not only their foresight and wisdom but also setting them apart from other VC firms.

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What industries do you invest in?
At what stage do you typically invest?
What percentage of your overall portfolio companies have a cofounder partnership?
Do you vet the health of the cofounder’s partnership before investment?
If yes, in what areas do you do significant vetting?
Do you invest in the personal growth of your founders? (Leadership training, mental health, communication skills, cofounder dynamics, etc)
If yes, how do you have it set up?
What concerns do you have about the founderships of your portfolio companies? (mark all that apply):

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When your LP’s ask “How are you mitigating risk?”, do you mention the efforts you take to support the success of the cofounder partnerships with your portfolio companies? 65% of business partnerships fail due to issues between the founding partners. Today's savvy investors are aware of this potential pitfall and actively work to safeguard their stakes.

At The Cofounder’s Hub we are committed to helping VCs and angel investors both determine the viability of potential entrepreneur partnerships before investment takes place, and also support the founders throughout the course of the engagement. By doing a deep dive into each cofounding partnership we assist in protecting the investment through coaching, mediation, and planning.

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The Cofounder's

An A-Z guide for those in, or searching for, a business partnership.

The Cofounder’s Handbook provides insight, practical advice, and proven tips from actual real-world cofounders on how to build and maintain a rewarding partnership.

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